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APMOPS 2010 Invitation Round – visit to Singapore
Wednesday, 07 December 2011 04:31 | Written by Administrator

There were more than 7728 participants from 11 countries participating in APMOPS 2010 First Round and around 300 participants among these were invited to the Invitation Round in Singapore.


Vietnam APMOPS Team at Noi Bai airport


Vietnam was proud to have 10 young mathematicians invited to the Singapore competition. They were the Top 10 Vietnam APMOPS First Round winners and were sponsored with air tickets by KinderWorld Group to go to Singapore to compete with mathematical geniuses from countries like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia and Malaysia. KinderWorld Group also sent 2 staff to accompany the students, Mr. Hau and Ms. Hanh.


The team arrived in Singapore on 27 May and was welcomed by the Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) APMOPS coordinators. The team stayed in the HCI Boarding School and was assisted by 2 enthusiast and friendly HCI students.


The next day, as scheduled by HCI, they went to Singapore Zoo where they were enthralled by animals like kangaroos, boars, white tigers, hippos … and attended a Rain Forest show with birds flying across the stage, orangutans climbing above and even a chance to touch a python!


The APMOPS Team at Singapore Zoo


Students enjoy playing with the kangaroo


The team in the zoo, near the monkey island (Can you see the deer on the top of the waterfall?)


The Rain Forest Show (Can you see the white peacock dancing?)
The APMOPS team with performers at the Rain Forest show
Travelling by tram in the zoo


The APMOPS team members were very excited being at the zoo. But they were super – excited at the Singapore Science Center where they had opportunities to play and learn hundreds of games which gave them knowledge of different fields of science from mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology to robotics, animation, astronomy and archaeology. The excursion added great value to the trip and influenced all the students who loved researching and studying sciences.


The APMOPS team at the Singapore Science Center


The real robot Wall-E


With real dinosaur skeletons
Playing 3-D interactive games
Solving the Towers problem in algorithm series
At a show where they explained about electromagnetic and presented a mock lightning


After having lots of fun which broadened their view about the world and sciences, the APMOPS team went back to the Boarding school to relax and prepare for the competition on the next day. They shared with each other ways to solve math problems as well as English words and terms. The students were now becoming very good friends and confident ambassadors for Vietnam.


On the day of Invitation Round, 29 May, they were relaxed entering the exam room. The team anxiously waited for the results. Everybody was excited to hear prize number 11 for Cao Hai Nam and prize number 12 for Vu Phuc Hoang. This was a big achievement for the Vietnam team as it was the first time participating in the competition.


At the Prize Award Ceremony organized by HCI on the same day, all the Vietnam Platinum Awardees were awarded a trophy and the two winners of the Invitation Round were awarded Gold medals with certificates.


Cao Hai Nam at the APMOPS 2010 Invitation Round Prize Award Ceremony


Cao Hai Nam at his study corner, with the Certificate and Gold medal


Vu Phuc Hoang with his Platinum trophy and Gold medal

The team was all very happy with the results. In the evening following the competition, the team spent a great night sightseeing in Singapore with great views, Mc Donald’s food and shopping for souvenirs.


The team on the bridge at the business district of Singapore where we witnessed the Singapore Flyer and fancy buildings sparkling in the dark night


The next day, the team flew back to Vietnam. All said that, “I want to stay here longer someday.” The trip to Singapore will be full of great memories for everyone.


The trip not only gave the students an open view about the world but also nurtured them to understand the value of friendship, knowledge, motivation, self discipline and the power of dreaming.


KinderWorld believes that the students have had a great opportunity during their trip and experience in APMOPS. Vietnam will benefit in the future from their talents and their enthusiasm towards developing mathematics for the world and the country.


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