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Primary School Curriculum (Year 1 - Year 6)

The curriculum at Singapore International School is drawn from both Singapore and Australia. The core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science are based on the Singaporean curriculum while Health and Physical Education, Studies of Society and Environment, Information and Communication Technology and Arts are referred to elements of the Queensland Studies Authority curriculum (Australian). Another key feature of the curriculum at Singapore International School is our Chinese Language programme.

International Primary School Examination (iPSLE) from Singapore

In April 2005, KinderWorld was appointed as a Designated Overseas Agent by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board, Ministry of Education, Singapore, to conduct the International Primary School Examination (iPSLE) from Singapore.

The iPSLE is an international version of the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) taken by all students at the end of Primary Education. The iPSLE was introduced in 2005 with the aims of providing certification and benchmarking for overseas schools which are interested to benchmark against Singapore's standard. It provides a recognised certification of the knowledge and achievement that students have attained.

The KinderWorld Examination Centre has created opportunities for students to sit for the iPSLE, an internationally recognised benchmark for primary school achievement that can support entry into further education in Singapore, or for gaining entry into a higher school of learning in other English speaking countries.

KinderWorld provides overseas studies consultancy service to students wishing to pursue further education in Singapore.