Saturday, 19 April 2014
Eastern Values

Western Education
Global Citizens

School Facilities

A typical school consists of classrooms of an optimal size of 25 students, a library, a Multi-purpose hall; multimedia, art and craft, music rooms; science laboratories and sports facilities.

We believe that a bright mind lies in a fit body. Small motivational words such as ‘Honesty’, ‘Commitment’ and ‘Industrious’ are placed in front of every classroom. Each one is the name of the class as students from each class bear that particular virtue. We hope when our students graduate from our school, these virtues will be their life-long values, and SIS hopes that in trying moments, our students will recall their time in our school and the virtues that they bear in their class will lift them up.

We believe in using technology to assist in teaching and learning, in which all of our students are taught to use high-tech tools such as computers, printers, projectors, visualisers and smart-boards.

At KinderWorld Group of International Schools, schooling is clearly not only about teaching a child to read, write and solve mathematical equations, but also about giving the child independence, self-confidence, problem-solving capabilities, and the most well rounded and dynamic educational experience.