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Eastern Values

Western Education
Global Citizens

KinderWorld Education Group, founded in 1986 in Singapore, believes in offering a combination of Eastern values with an International outlook on education. 

Our first Pre-school centre was opened in Singapore and to-date, KinderWorld has grown extensively in Vietnam providing education for students from Pre-Nursery up to and including a University Foundation Programme.

In the late 1990s, the investors of KinderWorld extended its operations into overseas markets, including Vietnam. KinderWorld opened International Pre-school Centres under the brand name of KinderWorld International Kindergarten (KIK) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in 2000 and International Primary Schools under the brand name of Singapore International School (SIS) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in 2004. KinderWorld has worked closely with Education Departments in Australia, Singapore and Vietnam to ensure that its schools meet international standards.
In Vietnam, the KinderWorld Group operates
KinderWorld International Kindergarten (KIK)
International Kindergarten

Classes are kept small with a foreign teacher leading the class with the assistance of a Vietnamese teacher according to the teacher-student ratio. This ensures an optimal environment in which young minds learn and develop.
Integrated Kindergarten

Led by qualified Vietnamese teachers and conducted in English.

KinderWorld provides Pre-school education for children from 18 months to below 6 years.
Our curriculum is designed to develop children’s social skills as well as to provide a strong foundation in English Language and Mathematics skills. The curriculum also covers Environmental Awareness, Thinking & Creativity, Computer Knowledge, Personal & Social Awareness and promotes the development of fine and gross motor skills. The Kindergarten programme is a play-based, inquiry-learning programme.
Singapore International School (SIS)
International Programme
Singapore International School (SIS), with links to various schools in Singapore and Australia, offers an International Primary and Secondary Programme which is based on English, Mathematics and Science curriculum content and skills, as promoted by the Ministry of Education, Singapore and refers to elements of the Queensland Studies Authority curriculum (Australia) for the development of Health and Physical Education, Studies of Society and Environment, Information and Communication Technology and Arts. The combination is based on the fact that the Singapore curriculum is highly acclaimed throughout the world for its excellence in English, Mathematics and Science, while aspects of Australian curriculum documents are internationally recognised for their strength in creativity and thinking skills.

In ensuring the best outcome for students, SIS is committed to continuously ensure the quality of education programme through International quality assurance and accreditation benchmark standards. Primary students take the iPSLE (International Primary School Examination from Singapore) at the end of the primary level. Secondary students take the Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) in the final secondary school year. Cambridge International AS and A Levels or GAC Programmes will be undertaken in the final year of High School study which provides access to many universities worldwide.
Our academic staff originate from various English native-speaking and Asian countries. They specialise in conducting creative student-centered lessons keeping to the high standards of an International education.
Our schools challenge young minds to enjoy learning by making meaningful connections through group work and multi-media assignments, supplemented with experiential learning for a highly dynamic and multi-cultural world of tomorrow.
Integrated Programme
The Integrated Primary and Junior High School Programme is offered by our partner school, Children World Private School, in collaboration with Singapore International School.
The Integrated Programme combines the best in Vietnam's education, retaining the core subjects - namely Vietnamese, Mathematics, Science and Moral & Humanity, which will be delivered by Children World Private School.
In addition to completing the Vietnamese education programme offered by Children World Private School, Vietnamese students, depending on their specific education level, will be taught by qualified foreign teachers in a range of key learning areas of the International curriculum – English, English Proficiency Programme, Studies of Society and Environment, Information and Communication Technology, Health and Physical Education and Chinese as a Foreign Language. Subjects such as English as a Foreign Language complement the aforementioned subjects.
Pegasus International UniCollege (PIU)
As part of our plan to provide further and complete study pathway for students beyond high school, we are embarking on a major initiate to set up an International University in Vietnam. In the initial stage, this initiative has been realised through the set up of Pegasus International UniCentre in Hanoi in 2011.
Pegasus International UniCentre will offer internationally recognised higher learning programmes in Hospitality, Tourism and Commercial Cookery, Business and Commerce, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), English Language and Early Childhood Education. Moreover, Pegasus International UniCentre will bring a global approach to education through the extensive provision of hands-on training, market knowledge and tailor-made programmes to meet sector-specific needs.
The programmes are offered in unison with leading internationally reputed institutions with a high degree of recognition. In particular, courses delivered at Pegasus International UniCentre will be accredited under the Australian Qualifications Training Framework (AQTF) or International Vocational Qualifications from the UK and the Europass Certificate Supplement.
With strong international recognition, these programmes aim at achieving high level of employee readiness, both in Vietnam and globally, to ensure excellent employment opportunities for its graduates.
KinderWorld will be collaborating with other academic partners from Australia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Singapore in the delivery of the above programmes under Pegasus International UniCentre.
On November 18, 2010, KinderWorld signed an Auspices Agreement with the Training and Further Education (TAFE), South Australia to further develop this initiative. According to the Agreement, Pegasus International UniCollege will be working in close partnership with Regency International Centre of Hospitality, Tourism and Food Studies, which belongs to TAFE, South Australia, for the delivery of training courses in the area of Hospitality, Tourism and Commercial Cookery.
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